The Talented Tenth Highlanders Inc.

True Talent Triumphs

Camp Fees Form

This is a low costing summer camp that is maintained by the sponsorship of the friends and family and the donations of people who care about the future of our children. We do require that parents and guardians help maintain the summer camp activities by giving  $20 every week for each child that will participate. These funds will be required even if the child will come only one day in the week.  A list of some of the activities that will take place is provided below for a better understanding of how funds are used throughout the camp. We will also use the funds to provide other amenities for the children not mentioned here.

1. Photography             2. Public Speaking

3. Cooking                    4. Self Defense

5. Crochet                     6. Baking

7. Sewing                      8. Social Etiquette

9. Fashion design         10. Music

11. Song Writing           12. Survival tips

13. Table Etiquette        14. Exercise

15. Courtship                16. Knitting

17. Carpentry                18. Arts and crafts

19. Story writing            20. Singing

21. Painting                   22. Drawing

23. Budgeting                24. Resume writing

25. Scholarship writing  26. Summer art and crafts projects

Discounted Camp Registration Fee per Single family child before July 1st- $105

Discounted Camp Registration Fee for multiple siblings before July 1st- $85

Registration fee after July 1st- $120

Registration fee for siblings after July 1st- $100

Trip money for children ages 5-10 for all 5 trips- $30

Trip money for children ages 11-17 for all trips- $60

Mandatory camp t-shirt required for trips for all children- $12

You can also purchase any of the following items below to aid in fundraising

___Poetry book “Becoming” by Nicolette ($15) (half of the proceeding will go to TTH)

___Talented Tenth Year book ($22): ___2014   ___2015

Talented Tenth T-Shirt ($12)- (required for camp trips)

___Camp Logo   ___ Personal Logo (price may vary)

Children: ___S  ___M ___L     Adult: ___S   ___M   ___L   ___XL    ___XXL

TTH Shopping Bag:($20)

___Camp Logo   ___ Personal Logo (price may vary)

___Talented Tenth Greeting Cards: ($5)

___CD’s (28): ___2014 ___2015

I agree to donate $_____________ weekly for the Talented Tenth Highlanders

Name _________________________________ Phone:__________________________

Email Address____________________________

Signature _____________________________________Date _____________________

*We accept checks, cash and payment via credit/ debit card.

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