The Talented Tenth Highlanders Inc.

True Talent Triumphs

Parent/Worker Orientation 

Camp Starts July 9th, 2018

ALL camp fees are required by the first day of camp

Orientation days June 14th, 2018 5pm -6pm, June 15th,  2018 6pm-7pm June 24th, 2018 10am- 12pm

Location: 1210 Utica Avenue     Brooklyn NY, 11213


1. Welcome

2. Parent camp policy manual

            a. Arrival and departure

            b. Curriculum: Character Building- loyalty, honesty, generosity, respect

                                   Scholastic achievement- Trivia, contests, projects

                                   Cultural refinement- Civil Manners, etiquette, art, music

           c. What to bring?

           d. Personal belongings

           e. Meals and snack

           f. Out door play

           g. Field trips/ walks

           h. Parent visits

           I. Illness, accident, emergency care

          J. Discipline

          k. Special need- medication

          l. Video/ Movies

          m. Camp counselors

          n. Mandated reports of child abuse

          o. Insurance.

          p. Donations.

          q. Registration checklist

                  O  Registration Form (required)

                  O  Medical Physical Form (required)

                  O  Administration Form (required)

                  O  Agreement/ Disclaimer Form (required)

                  O  Camp registration fee (required)

                  O  Camp Trip Shirt Fee (no shirt no trip) 

                  O  Emergency Child Record Form

                  O  Attend Orientation 

                  O  Picture

3.Free summer meals

4. Special prizes

8. Summer Youth Workers

9. Emergency Record Card

10. Calendar (tentative)

12. Summer Trips – (fixed date)

13. Disclaimer for Advertisement

14. Parent Empowerment Meeting

             (Self Defense Classes)

17. Resources for parents

            Gab-Nic Excelsior Nursing Tutoring Center

            After school

            Learning a foreign language

18. Post Camp

            Back to school

            Fall and Winter trips

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